The land Down Under

Helicopter & Fly-In Safaris

Experience Australia from a bird’s eye view!

Hold your breath as you soar leisurely at dizzying heights over Australia’s most beautiful landscapes. The grandiose view from a helicopter, seaplane, or small plane is indescribable, and you have to experience it yourself. Whether it’s a sightseeing flight over one of the exciting cities, along a fascinating coast, or to various highlights of the continent: you won’t regret it. Helicopter flights are particularly exciting in the early morning or just before the sun goes down. Here, you can experience a myriad of different colors that Australia has to offer on every corner.

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Breathtaking Flights

Whether on a day-tour or over the course of several days; with a flight in a helicopter, seaplane or small plane, you can get a completely new perspective. How about a flight over the Great Barrier Reef, including a picnic on a remote sandbank? Flying in the Flinders Ranges is basically a must-do: leave the world behind as your pilot takes you to high ground. Once there, enjoy a BBQ and sleep in a tent under thousands of stars.

Helicopter & Fly-In Safaris

Fly-In Safaris

Save time by traveling in a private plane.

Imagine discovering Australia in your “own” private plane.

Traveling aboard a private plane, this type of travel dissolves the distances between destinations and allows you to see and experience more than you ever thought possible.

Helicopter & Fly-In Safaris

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Helicopter Safaris Kimberley

The Kimberleys in Western Australia are almost worth a trip in itself! We offer you the opportunity to choose the most beautiful tour for you from four unforgettable private helicopter safaris in the Kimberleys. Explore the stunning wilderness of the Kimberleys in Western Australia and part of the Northern Territories in style. The safaris last 5 or 6 days, and will certainly fit into your personal Australia trip.

Helicopter & Fly-In Safaris

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