As a family on holiday

Australia and New Zealand with the children? Absolutely! From toddlers to teenagers, Down Under is a kid’s paradise. Most accommodations are uncomplicated and very family-friendly, and many providers are specialized in traveling with children. There are countless beaches and exciting wildlife parks where you can also feed kangaroos and koalas, as well as picnic areas […]

Along the way with friends

Memories are the true treasures that we anchor deep in our soul. Enjoy a journey with the people who are most important in your life: your dearest friends. Experience a time out together while vacationing as a couple, or with best friends, or even a few days apart. Whether this is in a villa on […]

On the move with your partner

Whether as a trendsetter, gourmet, adventurer, scene-goer, or just letting yourself relax, simply take the moment to escape from everyday life. Let yourself be pampered and embark on a very special journey. DreamAroo offers a wide range of special experiences and “time together”. With us, you also get to know places where nobody will find […]

Traveling Alone

Sometimes it takes courage to embark on a new journey alone. But this “courage” will be rewarded! You get new experiences, discover new places, and have wonderful encounters with other people and cultures. Break free from your habits. Discover new flora and fauna that will leave you speechless. All in all, a journey creates limitless […]

Travel in Luxury

ALONE, WITH A PARTNER, WITH FRIENDS OR AS A FAMILY “Every journey has an end, but the memory of it remains immortal.” A luxury holiday in Australia and New Zealand is always something special, whether in the vibrant, multicultural cities, the idyllic coastal regions, or the deserted outback. Exclusive locations, unforgettable travel dreams, high-quality accommodation, […]

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