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Barefoot Luxury

When it comes to luxury travel in Australia, champagne and elegant clothing are not always the top priorities – instead, the buzzword is “barefoot luxury.” We want you to experience the real Australia in an authentic way.

Sun and sand, the outback, the sea, and the rainforest are the main focus – the real luxury is the natural experience of Australia’s nature. We will take you into a diverse world for a truly unforgettable experience.

You can continue to enjoy your usual comfort zone.

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Below you will find examples from our repertoire of countless great experiences.

Arnhem Land Wilderness Adventure

Immerse yourself in the oldest surviving culture in the world.

Arnhem Land is a vast region north-east of the Northern Territory that has been inhabited by the Aboriginal people for over 40,000 years. It’s Aboriginal land and we appreciate being able to see and travel there. Only a few providers receive a permit allowing their clients to enter – and we think that’s a good thing!

Barefoot Luxury

Gilbert Station

At this station, you arrive as a guest and leave as a friend!

A gorgeous, authentic outback retreat where you can unwind and re-energize in a unique blend of working cattle station and conservation area rich in cultural, gold mining, and cattle-producing history.

Designed to capture the beauty of this rugged landscape, the accommodation is the perfect place for guests to immerse themselves in understated luxury in harmony with the beauty of nature.

Barefoot Luxury

Arkaba Station

A stay at Arkaba Station takes an exclusive experience in Australia to a new level. Set in 60,000 hectares of land among the impressive landscape of Ikara, only 10 guests at a time share the station. A mixture of guided tours and open safari drives awaits you, which will reveal the secrets of one of the most fascinating landscapes. What once started as a sheep station, Arkaba Station is now surrounded by a nature reserve.

Barefoot Luxury

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