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New Zealand
Land of the long white cloud

Stay, where no one can find you

There are different ways of escaping everyday life and withdrawing to a place where one is not “found” so quickly. Unlimited time out, relaxation and deceleration await you in our secret places that only a few people know or are (still) real insider tips. Whether just for a few days or in the form of a sabbatical for several weeks, you decide! You also determine to what extent you want to be available, or enjoy the peace and quiet and hide the outside world. Use the desired solitude to start your new creative adventure, rekindle old friendships or spend quality time with your loved ones – all in the relaxing company of nature.

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Below you will find examples from our repertoire of countless great experiences.

Whakatau rainforest retreat

Te Urewera, the largest national park on New Zealand’s North Island, offers you an impressive landscape with mountains, lakes and forests and a long Māori tradition. For centuries, Te Urewera was home to the Tuhoe people, also known as the “Children of the Mist”. His lineage traces back to Hine-puhoku-rangi, the celestial mist fairy. Tucked away in National Parks, nestled among native trees overlooking the surrounding native rainforest, is the Whakatau Rainforest Retreat. The retreat is not open to the public and offers you complete privacy. Whether you are traveling as a couple, with friends or family, it is the perfect place to relax in complete tranquillity.

Stay, where no one can find you


If you’ve always wanted to unwind in pristine, gorgeous countryside, then Owhaoko is the place for you. A little piece of paradise on New Zealand’s North Island. Treat the land with respect and reverence and you will have the privilege of staying in a place few experience, nestled between the forests of Kaweka and Kaimanawa. You can expect exclusive accommodation in the wilderness, where you can even taste homemade Mānuka honey.

Stay, where no one can find you

Falcon Brae Mansion

Where mother nature meets luxurious elegance, at the tip of New Zealand’s South Island, a jewel nestles between three of the area’s most popular national parks: Abel Tasman, Nelson Lakes and Kahurangi.

The property is framed by two rivers and offers a spectacular 360 degree view over the surrounding mountains and the beautiful nature. Discover the national parks on horseback, by bike or in a kayak. Taste fine wines at the adjacent wineries or book a private cooking class in your holiday home. Our ideas are (almost) limitless at this place.

Stay, where no one can find you

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