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New Zealand
Land of the long white cloud

(Luxury) trains in New Zealand

Experience the beauty of Aotearoa from the mountain air to the sea breeze by traveling on one of the legendary train rides. Comfortable seats, panoramic windows and open carriages: What more do you need to spy truly impressive landscapes? New Zealand offers three outstanding Tranz Scenic train journeys. You can experience these individually, or you can combine two or even three routes to create a unique experience. Furthermore, the individual train routes can each be covered in one day. But we find them far too impressive for that. Make stops and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Whether it’s the Northern Explorer from the picturesque capital of Wellington to cosmopolitan Auckland, the Coastel Pacific along the Pacific coast from Picton to Christchurch, or the famous TranzAlpine across the South Island from Christchurch to Greymouth – each of these routes is unique!

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Below you will find examples from our repertoire of countless great experiences.


A ride on one of the most famous trains in the world, the TranzAlpine, is legendary. This famous train journey begins in Christchurch on the east coast of the South Island with a foray into the vast patchwork quilts of Canterbury, one of New Zealand’s most important agricultural regions. Across the plain you arrive in Springfield, where the Southern Alps rise out of the plain like megalithic skyscrapers, forming a seemingly impenetrable barrier. You can enjoy the view of the enchanting landscape from fully glazed and sometimes even open carriages.

(Luxury) Trains

Coastal Pacific

One of New Zealand’s most scenic train journeys, alongside the TranzAlpine, is a journey on Coastal Pacific. Sit back and drift between mountains and seas, along rugged coastlines, through vineyards and along secluded beaches. Your journey takes you along the Pacific Coast from Picton to Christchurch. The train snakes breathtakingly close to the sea, where the roaring Pacific Ocean meets the soaring Kaikōura Mountains. If you now catch a glimpse of dolphins, seals, seagulls and the occasional whale, then the 5-hour trip is guaranteed to be one of your highlights.

(Luxury) Trains

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The Northern Explorer

Make your way through the volcanic heart of the North Island on this train journey. Experience the extremes of New Zealand’s landscape, from the fertile fields of Waikato to the volcanic peaks of the Central Plateau and the sparkling Kapiti Coast. On the route is a masterpiece of railway engineering, the Raurimu spiral! The Raurimu Spiral is a single-track reverse loop construction with a circular bend. It overcomes a height difference of 132 m, contains two tunnels (384 m and 96 m long) and three hairpin bends. It is hard to believe that this structure was developed by engineer R.W. Holmes in 1898. Even less you can imagine this “loop”, you have to experience it!

(Luxury) Trains

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