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New Zealand
Land of the long white cloud

Adventure & Wilderness

How can you get to know the beautiful nature of New Zealand? By leaving the beaten track and embarking on new adventures! Let us take you on a “Tiki Tour” which means something like “exploration tour”. Adventure is king in New Zealand and there are countless ways to get your adrenaline pumping. However, we prefer to concentrate on adventures together with the dreamy wilderness, following spectacular off-road adventures. Off-road routes in New Zealand are often nothing more than cattle tracks for sheep or simple dirt roads. Remote paths are often called “wop-wops” or “the sticks” by the Kiwis. Our tailor-made tours take you to back roads and tracks inland, to the fantastic coasts, fjords, mountains and offenders. We try to realize (almost) every dream and offer the perfect combination of experiences in and with nature.

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Below you will find examples from our repertoire of countless great experiences.

4x4 tours

Experience exciting and unforgettable experiences on your own self-driven adventure in the heart of the highlands of New Zealand’s South Island. Warm hospitality in family-run farmhouses where you can spend the night, along with spectacular landscapes and new discoveries that lie in your way. These tours are ‘tag-along tours’, which means you will be driving your own 4WD but will always be preceded by an experienced guide.

You will experience unforgettable moments; some trails will lead you to mountain ranges with peaks over 1700m high. With views over river valleys and lakes, you might want to hold your breath, but inhale: this is the kind of fresh air you have to take in!


Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park enjoys internationally recognized UNESCO World Heritage status and includes the famous Milford, Dusky and Doubtful Sounds. Ten other rather unknown sounds are in between, but all of them rightly earned this status, because the Fiordland National Park contains an abundance of unique flora and fauna, some of which are threatened with extinction. The fjords are characterized by a gigantic nature of untouched rainforest. Waterfalls cascading over cliffs and cascades into the fjords, surrounded by shimmering lakes and granite mountain peaks to complete the meaningful picture. While thousands of tourists flock to Milford Sound by boat to experience it, we prefer to send our guests on an extraordinary helicopter journey. After all, who else knows the Nancy, Caswell and George Sound?


Skipper's Canyon in the Tesla

Leave only “real” footprints on these tours by cruising the pristine World Heritage sites of the Southern Alps region in a Tesla electric car. One of the varied and tailor-made tours takes you into the enchanting landscape of “Middle-earth”. Here, you can encounter the film sets of “Lord of the Rings”. Skippers Canyon is a deep gorge and the area was once a center for gold mining. At the time of the gold rush, better access to the mines needed to be found and so Skippers Road was hacked through the solid rock by hand. The unique landscape is visited by many adventurers to experience rafting tours and bungee jumping.


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