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New Zealand
Land of the long white cloud

Barefoot Luxury

“Leave your shoes and your worries at the door.”

When looking at barefoot luxury, the focus is a direct experience with the country and its people without having to sacrifice luxury. Feel the sand on your feet and relax in comfort in elegance among nature. A relaxed, intimate picnic instead of a 5-course meal in a luxury hotel and a massage in the great outdoors instead of in a spa in the hotel complex. Lagoons where no motor boats are allowed, etc. The topic of sustainability is also becoming more and more relevant.

Unravel on your customized luxury journey: Barefoot Luxury is all about experiencing comfort and encouraging you as a guest to feel your surroundings, while also providing you with an excellent, elegant and luxurious experience.

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Below you will find examples from our repertoire of countless great experiences.

Cabot Lodge

Experience barefoot luxury up close and personal on a typical New Zealand sheep farm. This farm is home to over 7000 animals ranging from sheep, cattle, deer… to beehives. Guests can take part in New Zealand farm life: feeding the animals, 4×4 tours on the farm, and more. You will learn the art of beekeeping and expand your knowledge on sustainable landscape techniques.

Located on a New Zealand sheep station, the Cabot Lodge is run by the McDonald family, fifth generation of sheep farmers. And don’t forget to meet the most important member of the family: Sam the German Shepherd, especially when he goes about his work by keeping the sheep together.

Barefoot Luxury

Farewell Spit

We love secret places that travelers almost never see. Why not? Because only a few know these places or they are off the beaten track or because you simply cannot or are not allowed to visit them alone. One of these places is Farewell Spit, a narrow spit of land in the extreme north of New Zealand’s South Island. Captain Cook named the headland because the cape was the last piece of land he saw before sailing back to England. Farewell, the final goodbye. This farewell was certainly not easy for him, because he left a paradise!

The Farewell Spit Nature Reserve is now a Bird Sanctuary and Wetland of International Importance, more strictly protected than a National Park.

Barefoot Luxury

Natural Thermal Baths in New Zealand

For centuries, locals in New Zealand have enjoyed the natural hot springs found in lakes, forests and mountains. Some of them have been developed into beautiful thermal baths and special care has been taken to ensure that these baths are embedded in nature.

Geologically explained, two tectonic plates of the earth’s crust meet in New Zealand. Geothermal activity allows hot water to flow through the earth’s crust to the surface. Hot springs are created, and they contain a particularly large number of minerals. In the meantime, many of our guests have also discovered these beneficial springs for themselves, because we know where you can enjoy the very special springs.

Barefoot Luxury

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