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New Zealand
Land of the long white cloud

Helicopter & Fly-in Safaris

Breathtaking, adventurous and incredibly exciting is how most people describe the excursions they experience in New Zealand by helicopter. In New Zealand, helicopters are also known as “magic carpets”. Why? Because they take you to places that are often remote and inaccessible by car.

Flying over a breathtaking mountain pass, through the famous fjords, up to glaciers or over volcanoes, is always an unforgettable experience and should definitely be on your bucket list. You can also use a helicopter to fly you from one place to another, or as a transfer between an airport and your accommodation. The beauty of New Zealand is that you are always just a short drive or flight away from countless other spectacular sights and activities.

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Below you will find examples from our repertoire of countless great experiences.

Milford, Doubtful & Dusky Sound Experience

“A sound is a valley that has been hollowed out by a river and filled up again by the sea.” Following this geological explanation, the “sounds” in New Zealand are all wrongly named, because the three sounds were not hollowed out by a river, but by glaciers… and filled in again by the sea. You will have an unforgettable experience with an ultimate helicopter flight not only through the three most famous fjords in New Zealand, but also through the ten lesser known fjords in between! This excursion also includes stepping foot on a spectacular glacier and visiting the towns of Doubtful and Dusky.

Helicopter & Fly-in Safaris

Unlimited Access via Helicopter

True treasures in the wilderness of New Zealand are so remote that they can only be reached by helicopter: Please don’t tell anyone…! One treasure is the Minaret Station Alpine Lodge: one of the most remote luxury lodges in the world, nestled on 50,000 hectares of Minaret Station at the head of a glacial valley. Comfortable in every way, it has a warm hospitality and first class cuisine! And that’s not all: You can take off directly from one of the four chalets to one of the most famous heliski areas in New Zealand. When you land, soak up the millions of stars in the hot tub on your deck.

Helicopter & Fly-in Safaris

Glaciers on the South Island

All over the world glaciers are melting and receding, and only on the South Island of New Zealand can you still find 3132 fantastic glaciers, some of which almost drop to sea level. The best known are the Franz Josef Glacier and the Fox Glacier; they are located around the Southern Alps on the west coast. If you want to experience one of the glaciers up close, the most exciting way to go glacier hiking is by helicopter.

Don’t forget the Tasman Glacier, which lies on the other side of the Southern Alps and is New Zealand’s largest glacier. On a boat tour on the fast-growing lake end, you can see the floating icebergs up close.

Helicopter & Fly-in Safaris

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